First International Workshop on
Education in Autonomous Driving Technologies

In conjunction with ITSC 2019
27 October, Cordis Hotel, Auckland, New Zealand

About WEinADT 2019


In this First International Workshop on Education in Autonomous Driving Technologies, we aim to bring together researchers and industry to share experiences, discuss best practices and define guidelines for education on Autonomous Driving Technologies.


A workshop as part of the Intelligent Transport Systems Conference - ITSC 2019 at Cordis Hotel, Auckland, New Zealand


27 October 2019


Commercialization of ADAS and self-driving vehicles at levels 3 and 4 began a few years ago, and we have seen several early-rider demonstrations, ride-sharing services in operation, and traditional car manufacturers moving towards MaaS (Mobility as a Service). So far, such services are tightly controlled by a small number of companies in close cooperation with research centers. But the following years will see the proliferation of companies offering a broader set of mobility services. And in the near future, we may bring our autonomous vehicle to the car dealer or even to our trusted mechanic for an upgrade of the 3D LiDARs, for a periodic camera-LiDAR recalibration, to replace the old 5G with 6G wireless, and so on.

With commercialization, autonomous driving technologies will eventually leave the petri-dish and will be further developed and customized by engineers with diverse backgrounds. Managers and salespeople also need to deepen their knowledge of such technologies. This, however, poses several challenges both for research centers, companies and higher education institutions.


  • How to prepare engineers to deal with sensors, the perception pipeline, localization and mapping, global and local path planning, vehicle control, V2V and V2X, etc?
  • How could they integrate new hardware and new algorithms into the autonomous driving software?
  • What are the best practices to test each component (hardware and software) of an autonomous vehicle?
  • What are the required safety measures and proper environments to conduct evaluations?
  • How to prepare engineers, managers and salespeople for the capabilities and, more importantly, limitations of autonomous driving technologies?


Invited speakers for WEinADT 2019

Professor Arnaud de La Fortelle

Professor Arnaud de La Fortelle

MINES ParisTech, France

Shinpei Kato

Professor Shinpei Kato

University of Tokyo, Autoware Foundation, Japan

Michael Cameron

Mr. Michael Cameron

NZ Law Foundation, New Zealand

Speaker 4

Professor Qingguo Zhou

Lanzhou University, China

Yu Teng Cao

Mr. Yu Teng Cao

COO, PIX Moving, China

Elmar Matthes

Mr. Elmar Matthes

Head of Perception & Camera Functions, IAV GmbH

Event Schedule

WEinADT 2019, 27 October

Note: The schedule will be updated to align with the ITSC Workshops schedule when released

This one-day event is held as a workshops for the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference. All participants must register for the ITSC 2019 main conference and also select the workshop registration.


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Opening remarks

David Silver

Invited talk Mr. David Silver

Teaching Autonomous Driving At Massive Scale

Arnaud de La Fortelle

Invited talk Professor Arnaud de La Fortelle

The Complexity of Autonomous Driving: a Need for Better Training

Coffee break

Continue discussion and meet colleagues over coffee

Shinpei Kato

Invited talk Professor Shinpei Kato

Autoware on Board

Short presentations

10 minute student presentaitons

Lunch break

Autoware demonstration

Coffee break

Continue discussion and meet colleagues over coffee

Panel discussion

Great opportunity to hear from the distinguished panelists

Wrap up

Final conclusions and workshop closing

Event Venue

For more information, please visit the ITSC 2019 website.

Cordis Hotel, Auckland, New Zealand

83 Symonds St, Grafton, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
Phone: +64 9-379 5132

The official venue of the IEEE - ITSC 2019 Conference.


Dr. Alexander Carballo

Designated Assistant Professor
Information Science and Mechanical Engineering Division
Institute of Innovation for Future Society
Nagoya University, Japan

Dr. David Robert Wong

Designated Assistant Professor
Future Value Creation Research Center
Graduate School of Informatics
Nagoya University, Japan

Dr. Cristina Olaverri-Monreal

Intelligent Transport Systems
Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

Nagoya University

Johannes Kepler University

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